About us

We offer our customers only what we believe in ourselves. An experienced team guarantees professional services for the best results. Mutual trust, empathy and results orientation are the principles of our daily activities.

Skoluisieskojimas.lt is a platform where it is extremely easy to order debt recovery services regardless of the country the debtor is in.

You will be able to create your profile on the platform yourself, and you will be able to choose which person you represent when placing an order. Once you've reviewed the list of planned actions, you'll be able to choose what actions you'd like us to take. Each of your debtors is, first and foremost, your client or partner, so our goal is not only to help you recover your debts, but to do so while maintaining your business relationship and opportunities for further cooperation, choosing the most optimal means of debt collection in each case.

Clear pricing will allow you to calculate potential costs in advance to avoid unforeseen expenditure.

If you have a large number of borrowers and you are not comfortable entering the details of each borrower, contact us and we will provide you with an individual solution.

You can find out more about us on our company's website Eblaw.

  • Fastest debt ever recovered:

    2 hours 43 minutes.

  • Largest debt ever recovered:

    1 045 349 EUR

  • The quality of our services pleases:

    95 percent of our clients.