We collect debts not only in Lithuania, but also in the entire European Union, the CIS countries, the United Kingdom and many other countries around the world.

The success of debt recovery depends on a proper assessment of the situation and the accurate implementation of the action plan.

You do not need to know the subtleties of the law, assess the sufficiency of documents or delve into the nuances of debt collection arising from different relationships. We will do all the work for you: we will assess the circumstances of the debt and select the most optimal process from the provided material. We use time-tested, most effective solutions for each situation to recover your debts, which allows you to get the money you need back in the fastest way.

  • Pre-trial debt recovery

    This process is the least costly, is the most expeditious and often the only process required to recover a debt. We also suggest choosing this process for recovering debts abroad, where initiating legal proceedings is often costly. The success of pre-trial recovery that depends in particular on the abilities and experience of professionals, as each case requires individual, sometimes lightning-fast, solutions. Our company's specialists have many years of diverse experience in this field of debt collection, allowing us to guarantee the maximum results for our clients.

    Pre-trial debt collection saves you time and reduces the cost of litigation.

  • Judicial debt recovery

    Judicial debt recovery is sometimes the only solution in cases where debtors evade settlement or are suspected of intending to transfer or otherwise conceal property, making recovery more difficult. At this stage of recovery, it is important not only to choose the appropriate court procedure, but also to secure a future claim. Our specialists will not only prepare the necessary documents for the recovery of the debt, but even before the initiation of the case, they will assess the debtor's financial situation, identify the available and possible sources of income to ensure the full fulfillment of your claim.

  • Post-litigation recovery

    The post-court recovery of debts is not an exceptional process and requires active control, because due to its improper execution, the effort, time and financial costs spent on court proceedings may become meaningless.

    The mere submission of an enforcement order for enforcement does not guarantee a result. In cooperation with bailiffs, we constantly control the recovery process, organize the search for property and take care of its sale. During the process of realization of the property, we ensure the search for potential buyers of the property and control that the property is sold under the most advantageous conditions. We also aim to help the bailiff identify potential sources of income for the debtor, identify fraudulent transactions, and help locate the debtor in Lithuania or abroad.

  • International recovery

    International recovery is becoming increasingly important in a global world. With cooperation agreements with an extensive network of foreign debt collection companies, we can offer competitive pricing and face-to-face communication that allows borrowers to realize that being away from the creditor will not help them evade debt repayment and keep our customers connected as if the whole process took place in their country. We have extensive debt collection experience working with debtors in both Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and many other countries and continents. When recovering debts abroad, we carry out both pre-trial and judicial debt recovery, we advise clients on the application of the law of the country of interest to them.